Meet Claira
Your Intelligent Talent Assistant

Claira is the AI chatbot built exclusively for HR professionals

Brilliant real world responses, generated inside your existing digital workflow


Connect to 1,000+ data sources, fast

Securely integrate data across your software ecosystem. Claira aggregates, cross-checks, and analyzes data from your ERP, HRIS, LMS, and more. All with one click.


Generate company specific answers

Message Claira questions just like you would do with a human colleague. Instead of only using general data like mainstream AI chatbots, Claira looks at your company data for answers first


Support everyone in your organization

Claira joins the team and knows who should have access to what organizational data, providing the right response to interns and executives alike.

Your agile workforce wizard

As the speed of business accelerates, it's impossible for workers to keep up with ever changing environments. But Claira can.


Optimize Workforce Costs & Bandwidth

Getting the job done isn't just about abilities. Claira perfectly balances capability, expense, and time when making suggestions


Back Up Human Capital Decisions with Data

Decide with confidence. Claira provides reliable, data-backed insights for effective human capital management, with transparent source sharing to explain why she made a certain suggestion


Hire with Speed & Accuracy

These days, you get thousands of applicants to each open job. None of them seem to match, and it takes forever to read each resume. Claira can do it all for you, matching applicant profiles to role requirements in seconds, providing benchmark salary values and hiring ROI data in the process.


Put the Right People in the Right Places

Dynamically highlight and solve skills gaps, cross-utilize talent, build career development plans, and match gaps to opportunities to bridge them. Claira assesses each individual based only on what they can do, and sets them up to succeed.

Flexible across departments and levels

By leveraging the latest in artificial intelligence, Claira understands each person's unique needs for their position on the org-chart. From intern to CEO, HR to Sales, Claira helps the whole team.


Jenny in Human Resources

Hire with precision

Hey Claira, I need help building an interview guide for a candidate we’re considering. Can you help me put one together?

Claira analyzes the candidate’s resume, compares it to the job description and star existing employees, instantly returns a custom set of questions for that one interview with explanations about what skill gaps the interviewer should drill into.

Mike in Purchasing

Understand tool capabilities

We're spending too much on software across the organization. Claira, where do our subscriptions overlap and what is the cheapest setup that we should migrate to?

Claira lists all the software the company pays for, and finds feature overlap between them. It then looks at what each tool costs, and builds a tech-stack that accomplishes all that the company needs for the least money.

Deb in Consulting

Match projects and teams

I need a team to work on a six week client project. Claira, can you read the project plan and bid to build the best team to put on it?

Claira analyzes the specific skills needed to execute on the project. Then, it compares those skills to all employee profiles, filters out employees who don’t have the right abilities or time available, and returns options for groups of employees who can get the job done for the lowest payroll cost.

Dan in Finance

Build a personalized career path

Performance reviews start tomorrow and I don't know how to guide my team. Claira, can you build a career path for each of my direct-reports?

Claira identifies who reports to Dan based on HRIS data, and then looks at each person's profile. Based on their skills and previous reviews, Claira suggests courses in the LMS for each person that will help them reach specific goals, and builds a guide for Dan to follow in each review meeting.
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Sam in Sales

Find the right colleague for help

I don’t know how to visualize our CRM data. Claira, can you find someone to help me?

Claira identifies the company's CRM. It then generates a set of instructions regarding exporting and importing the right data, and links to walkthroughs. She also shows a list of mentors who have time to get on a 20 minute Zoom call to help.

Hannah in IT

Bridge skill gaps

We're evolving our IT workforce strategy, and I need insights to align our team's skills with future needs. Claira, can you analyze our current IT talent landscape and show me where our people and tools have gaps?

Claira reads plans for future strategy, and lists the competencies needed in workers and machines to execute on the plan. Then, Claira compares this list against the firm's current abilities, and returns a prioritized list of threats.

All your resource data in one place, searchable with generative AI

No more point solutions. Claira consolidates all your valuable data effortlessly, where her advanced generative AI transforms it into a searchable treasure trove. Unlock unprecedented insights and streamline your workflow with the ultimate integration and workforce intelligence teammate

Drive efficiency by combining humans, software, and hardware

People are your biggest asset, but not your only one. With every question, Claira looks not just what your people can do, but also how your existing software, hardware, and other tool capabilities can uniquely support the task at hand

Tap into your organization's undiscovered potential

Claira uncovers every granular detail of your organizational capabilities, even the ones nobody knew existed. Do more with less by figuring out exactly what your current setup can accomplish

AI built by expert humans

Hi, thanks for being here. My name is Katie and I am the founder and CEO of Claira. I am a proud midwesterner and former volleyballer, and my mission is to create a world where all people can contribute to work.

I started this company because I can't accept inequity or inefficiency. You’re here because you also believe our system of human capital outdated, basically unchanged since the industrial revolution. Resumes are broken. Instead of estimating what someone can do, let's uncover what they can actually do.

I’ve worked in many types of jobs - cleaning hotel rooms, making sandwiches, and assembling windows on a factory line. Everyone in the world has competencies that they use to contribute to work, everywhere, every day.

Imagine a world where creating a job description took 30 seconds, matching people to work required asking one question and unlocking invisible talent made your people stay. This is what we have built. Drop me a note and let's change the world!

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